About our Pizza

We call it the Always Fresh Buffet because we’re constantly baking fresh pizzas all day long so there’s always something fresh coming out of the oven for you to enjoy. We make our dough from scratch every morning, use only 100% real cheese and hand-cut veggies and toppings. At Stevi B’s Pizza, fresh is what we do.

Handmade Dough
Handmade Dough

We have a commitment to fresh-made dough. Each and every morning, we take the finest ingredients and make our dough from scratch, using the original process first crafted by our founders.

We don't cut corners. We use only the finest flour, ground from hard spring wheat and allow it to rise. The finished product is Stevi B’s delicious handmade pizza dough.

We use only 100% trans fat free vegetable oil in our pizza dough. So, whether you're enjoying our Traditional or Whole Wheat Crust, you know you're getting the best product possible.

100% Real Dairy Cheese

Stevi B’s uses only 100% real dairy cheese. You won’t find any imitation cheeses here. Real dairy cheese melts better and tastes better. Stevi B’s commitment to quality promises that we will always use 100% real dairy cheese on our pizza.

About Real Dairy
About Fresh Veggies
Fresh Veggies

We hand slice our vegetables every day for use on our pizzas and salad bar, ensuring that our vegetables are always crisp, fresh and full of flavor.

Signature Sauce

Stevi B's all-natural sauce is made from vine-ripened tomatoes for a robust flavor. We season our smooth flavorful sauce with a special blend of herbs and spices. Aromatic oregano, sweet basil, roasted garlic and fresh ground black pepper are all hand measured and carefully mixed into this zesty recipe.

Signature Sauce