Like every great brand, it started with a vision.

The Beginning

Back in the mid ’90s, two brothers were sharing a meal at a nearby pizza buffet. Having liked what they saw, they agreed it would be a great family restaurant to own, but they wished it had more to offer.

Creating “the Ultimate”

What would set them apart? The brothers talked about how they’d use only the best-quality ingredients to create an all-you-can-eat assortment of original pizzas, unique desserts, and a fresh salad selection. They realized that this diverse menu, along with a game room for the kids and exceptional service would create an experience that everyone could enjoy. From the beginning, the brothers promised to deliver all of this at a great price. After taking the time to carefully fine-tune their idea, the dream became a reality in 1996. The first Stevi B’s Ultimate Pizza Buffet opened its doors outside of Atlanta, GA.

Due to its welcoming atmosphere and consistent quality, Stevi B’s soon became a favorite place for hard-working individuals and their busy families. In fact, this first restaurant was so successful that customers started asking if they could buy the place. One of these customers was so persistent that the brothers finally said yes. Stevi B’s franchising was born and the restaurants began spreading across the Southeast.


Stevi B’s Pizza is the industry’s only national “premium”​ pizza buffet restaurant franchise. Recognized for serving the highest quality pizzas “made from scratch,”​ Stevi B’s is a family-friendly, community-driven brand that offers a distinct menu of specialty pizzas such as the Loaded Baked Potato, Mac & Cheese and Spinach Alfredo served fresh and at a great value in an atmosphere that is fun for adults and children.