Still have questions?

Call your local Stevi Bs, or visit our contact us page!

I have an idea for a great new pizza. Will you make it?

At Stevi B’s our entire pantry of ingredients is available to you to create any pizza you can imagine.  Want to tell us about your new pizza?  We’d love to hear from you!  Please contact us here.

My church/school/club needs a fundraiser. Can Stevi B’s help us?

Stevi B’s is proud to be a part of this community and we have created many different programs to help our neighbors.  Talk to your store manager to find out the many different ways Stevi B’s can participate in your fundraising events, or visit our events page to contact us.

Does Stevi B’s serve alcohol?

Stevi B’s is a place where the whole family can come together and enjoy a fresh wholesome meal.  Because of this, we do not serve alcoholic beverages in our restaurants.

How can I find the closest Stevi B’s Ultimate Pizza Buffet?

It’s easy, just click here and locate the Stevi B’s near you.

Why do you emphasize that you serve only 100% real cheese?

Some pizza makers use “cheese substitutes” or mix real and imitation cheese to cut costs.  At Stevi B’s, we have a passion for pizza and use only 100% real cheese in every pizza we make.

Can I come work at Stevi B’s?

We are always looking for committed, energized team members to grow with the Stevi B’s team.  If you’d like to be part of our company, visit the job application section to learn about job opportunities with Stevi B’s.

Will Stevi B’s host sports team parties too?

Absolutely. Stevi B’s unlimited pizza and salad buffet is a natural choice to feed a group of hungry athletes, big or small.

What about birthday parties at Stevi B’s?

We’re birthday party experts.  Stevi B’s creates the perfect combination of pizza, games and fun for any birthday celebration.  We do all the work and you have all the fun.  Visit our party page to find out more about how we party at Stevi B’s.

Can I order my favorite Stevi B’s pizza to go?

Yes!  Place your order in person or over the phone and we’ll make your favorite Stevi B’s pizza fresh, hot , and just for you.  All of our pizza varieties are available for takeout, including our dessert pizzas…all at a price much more affordable than delivery.