Each and every day, our stores open and undertake an elaborate process which is more difficult than that of many of our competitors. We make our own dough from scratch. We use 100% real cheese, free of any substitutes or fillers. We discard food that has sat too long & we hand-cut and select many of our toppings and vegetables. We do it because we want our product to be the best tasting, highest quality product we can provide at a great value to our customers. We do it because we have a “Passion for Pizza”.


We use the finest ingredients to make our dough fresh by hand right in our stores every day, using the original process first crafted by our founders. Many pizza makers use frozen pre-packaged dough to save time and cut costs, but at Stevi B’s we have made a commitment to fresh made dough. It’s our passion for pizza.

This daily process starts with quality ingredients and begins with special high gluten flour. This type of flour is ground from hard spring wheat resulting in a high protein low starch content and is superior for making bread, rolls and of course, Stevi B’s handmade pizza dough.

We also only use 100% trans fat free vegetable oil in our pizza dough. We could use cheaper oils loaded with trans fats, but we don’t.

Once our fresh pizza dough is prepared, it is portioned into perfectly shaped dough balls. The dough then “rests” overnight in refrigerated containers. This resting process allows the yeast to work in a process called proofing.

After proofing for approximately 36 hours, the dough is ready to be rolled out, topped with tasty fresh ingredients and baked into your favorite Stevi B’s pizza. Our passion for pizza is reflected in this process.


Stevi B’s pizza uses only 100% real dairy cheese.

You might not be aware that some pizza makers use imitation cheese or cheese substitutes on the pizza they serve. These impostor products are not made with real milk, but rather an ingredient called casein which is mixed with vegetable oil. Casein is a common ingredient in glue, paint and cosmetics. Imitation cheese has almost no nutritional value and a rubbery taste and texture. These low cost cheese substitutes result in a pizza that is of low quality and not up to Stevi B’s standards for quality.

Real dairy cheese melts better, tastes better and contributes to the suggested three daily servings of dairy products. Stevi B’s passion for pizza means we will always use 100% real dairy cheese for our pizza.


At Stevi B’s we have a passion for pizza…and salad too. Every vegetable served at Stevi B’s, whether as a pizza topping or in your salad, gets special treatment. Our vegetables must meet our exacting standards and are delivered to us in a fresh natural state.

After a careful inspection for quality, the fresh vegetables are washed and sanitized by hand. Stevi B’s vegetables are then hand sliced and sorted for use as pizza and salad toppings. This intensive preparation process ensures that your vegetables are always crisp, fresh and full of flavor.


Stevi B’s all-natural sauce is made from vine-ripened tomatoes for a robust flavor. We season our smooth and flavorful sauce with a special blend of herbs and spices. Aromatic oregano, sweet basil, roasted garlic and fresh ground black pepper are all hand measured and carefully mixed into this zesty recipe.

Once the sauce is prepared and seasoned, we allow it to “rest” overnight. While the sauce is refrigerated, the flavors mingle and intensify to create the distinctive Stevi B’s sauce that tops our handmade crust. You can taste our passion for pizza in the careful creation of Stevi B’s all-natural pizza sauce.